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My story of a diploma writing

How not to write a diploma (autobiographical story)

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While you are students, you are among the student Association. After graduating from University, you will find yourself in novel situations and then you can write a novel. Professor N (from lectures on Russian literature of the XIX century).

The diploma is recognized as the crown of the educational-creative activity of the student. And besides it is fateful.

Most students probably ambitious. That is not extreme ambition, encourages you to think of a topics course for six months, write them a week to grieve: «Oh, it was used the time I would…» However, the topic — an insidious thing. You come up with, and it comes… Although if a certain percentage of diligence you can prove anything — and that the «author is dead» and that the author is «alive». But the main thing — to sound! To the protest was the opening, well, at least the revolution. And poglobalnee… ambition and vanity — the essence, however, like it or not, the passion, the need for which has long been widely known. Now at the «graduation» experience.

To fame there are several ways. But one of the most charming — «scientific» words. «Concept», «meta-analysis», «vukobrat», «narrative structure»… Music, and only. And without one of them on the cover of diploma self-respecting fifth-year do not. Or do not want.

The happy Creator of your own destiny, i.e. topics, our hero proudly brings his creation (title) supervisor. Reports. Waiting.

The teacher thinks. Silent.

Inspired by student runs away.

He’s smart and diligent, he knows that in two weeks the diplomas are not written, therefore, begins immediately to collect the material. In the process, realizes that whether he really is a genius, assembled to create direction in science, whether… On the subject is suspicious and nothing is written, it is necessary to get out somehow.

In life there is always a feat.

Further events developed so rapidly and chaotically that defy coherent description. However, the graduate student has left us his notes. In his vague memories and his blog and we reproduce the outline of events.

Let’s start from the beginning

Face nauchnikov, in the sky, more and more, her eyes growing doubt…

— No problem you have left, will not work. (Reads another page… another…) is the theme… These philosophers… Have each… No, it doesn’t.

— In the sense of «not pass»? Can’t?

— No time. Let’s change the subject.

(A new diploma – in time???)

To protect a month. Prior to the completion of the work the opponent to three weeks. Written — zero.

In life there is always a place for heroism…

What we have

I have a new theme. Quite banal. And there are three weeks.

I don’t care what the subject is. Ambitious dreams of brilliant diploma not destined to come true. What remains? To complain about everything. To hear that all will pray. And the truth is probably…

My mom probably will not tell yet — the nerves, heart…

And to write without manners to genius still easier.

What else to do? Cry into my pillow? To shave my head? To dye your hair green? With masochistic pleasure of presenting all of these options, the reality just «throw» all the files related to the «not passed» diploma in the folder labeled «Then we shall understand», change the Wallpaper on your desktop, and in the center put the folder «NEW DI�LOM».

As the saying goes, «every day with a clean slate.»

Shaving and wearing makeup are going then… Before the defense.

A miracle?

I really like the idea that the Lord sends miracles in accordance with historical circumstances, character, mentality of certain people. I already thought of many ways «the miracle»: Wake up, open the file with a diploma — and he finished. Great, right?

Share your idea with father deacon. «And you need it? — corresponds to it. I now, when the diploma wrote, broke his leg. Can, differently and did not finish. Do you think it was a miracle or not a miracle?»


Come early Liturgy, I want to sleep. To get out would not hurt…

Half an hour later the floor is cleaned, the table is in perfect order. Psychologists say that the free surfaces promote efficiency. Wow, I’m not lying.

Sleep — like.

Sit down at the computer. 12 hours — 12 pages. Unprecedented performance! Probably a good pray.


You just don’t worry!

The phrase, coined specifically to the nerves of the listener tense, and your heart fell into my left Shoe.

Call nauchnikov and without that delivers the thrill in my chest.

— Don’t worry!

— All right, I’m listening.

— Don’t worry, the opponent changed.

(And I thought the defense tomorrow… Phew…) It now becomes C. But you don’t worry!

Professor S. known as the lady serious. Well, all the will know Who… And what am I? I’m not nervous. The only reason no one key to get in.


Never spring had not lived so brightly, vividly, significantly, smell and tangible. After several days of sitting behind a monitor it seems that the world has a size of 17 inches on the diagonal, no more, which is the most natural landscape lines in Times New Roman 14 pixels, half interval.

But then how is perceived the new world: growing literally in front of the grass, fantastically bright tulips, rolling around on roller skates and bikes the kids…

It’s all moving,sounds and lives. You are connected to life by an hour or two, and then out again in a strange space Microsoft Word.

(Not)timely thoughts

«She even tried to hang himself, but the Institute, examinations, session», — «lings carves» is definitely something meaning in a student’s life.

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